Dr. Hawk Reaches 40 Years in Veterinary Medicine

It is truly hard to believe that it has been 40 years since I graduated Michigan State University with my veterinary degree. I was 22 at the time with nothing more than an old rusty Chevy Vega that seemed to leak oil faster than I could put it in. I had survived an accelerated pre-veterinary curriculum designed to weed out all but the serious veterinary candidates, as well as three years at MSU’s veterinary school. I was in the last class to endure the accelerated three-year program with no summers off. In our program, time off was only given to those who dropped out of veterinary school, and that was just not an option for me. Classes started at 8AM, usually ended by 5 or 6pm and were always followed by more studying. It was an intense program and I was thankful it was finally over! I was dirt broke but happy to be starting my first job in a busy private practice in Michigan.   

Over the past 40 years, veterinary medicine has been incredibly good to me.  I’ve had opportunities along the way enjoyed by very few, and I’m thankful for the perspective I’ve gained through these varied experiences. From my beginnings in private practice through a range of experiences in the corporate world and then later with philanthropic organizations, I’ve gained a perspective on veterinary medicine that is truly unique. Before I returned to private practice in 2007, I had the opportunity to work as the President of PetSmart Veterinary Services and PetSmart Charities, President and CEO of the MSPCA and ASPCA, President and Chairman of the American Fondouk in Morocco, and Director of Marketing at Hill’s Pet Nutrition where I was part of launching dozens of products still used by our clients today at CVH! Looking back, I have enjoyed each and every opportunity, but none more than working with my patients here at CVH everyday for the last 11 years with many more to come. I am grateful everyday for everything life has delivered to my family and myself.  

Veterinary medicine has been and continues to be a great love of mine. I love what I do and the people I work with make this job even more rewarding. Delivering high quality medicine is not all about the doctor. It’s also about the team working side by side with me to provide the best possible care for our patients. The CVH team is exceptional and I am proud to work with them. It takes a village to provide the level of care we are able to provide today, and it also takes very dedicated owners to be part of that care. Thanks to all of you who make my job as a veterinarian what it is today! With continued good health, I hope to be able to continue my love affair with veterinary medicine for many years to come.  

Sincerely a truly lucky veterinarian,

Dr. Larry Hawk