Hospital Manager

Abigail Cochran

Abby fell in love with veterinary medicine in 1996 when she started working with animals at a hospital near her hometown in New York. In 2000, she moved to New England to attend the University of New Hampshire, where she went on to graduate with her B.S. in Animal Science. After graduation, Abby continued her work in the field of veterinary medicine at a local small animal hospital and at a local horse farm before moving to Boston in 2010 to join our team at CVH. Abby has been leading our skilled team of veterinary technicians since 2013 and became our hospital manager in 2018, though she still enjoys her daily responsibilities working with our patients at CVH. In her free time, Abby enjoys hiking, hitting the beach, horseback riding, and spending time with both her two and four legged families. She currently has one fabulous furry companions, her little grey cat Mildred.